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      AAS, lead, copper, zinc, cadmium. [1]
      Abagusii, Femininity, Ideology, cultural signs, Oral poetry, Perceptions, Interpellation [1]
      Abiotic factors, birds, Kenya, species richness. [1]
      Abiotic factors.biotic factors,Neochetina eichhorniea,nutrients dynamics,water quality [1]
      abiotic stress, aerenchyma, antioxidants, iron oxidation control, radial oxygen loss, rice. [1]
      abnormalities, chromosomes, disabilities, genes, genetics, haemoglobin, heritability, meiosis [1]
      absorption cross-section, Cooper pair minimum and Baker–Hausdorf expansion [1]
      Abstraction of tebuconazole and clomazone pesticide [1]
      Abuse, Celibacy, Catholic, Church, Priest [1]
      Academic ; Performance; Teacher; Students; Workload [1]
      academic achievement, adolescence, externalizing, internalizing, low‐ and middle‐income countries, parenting [2]
      academic achievement, reading literacy, Lisrel, performance, Kenya. [1]
      academic achievement; behavior problems; international; parenting; prosocial behavior; social competence [1]
      Academic achievement; County evaluation; Gender; Gender differences; Kiswahili language [1]
      Academic achievement; Form four examinations; Gender; School adjustment; Secondary school students [1]
      Academic outcomes, Attitude, Gender, Interest, Peer influence, Gem sub – county. [1]
      Academic performance [1]
      academic performance; dropout; efficiency; TVET sector [1]
      Academic self-efficacy, performance, orphaned students [1]
      Academic; Financing; Parents: Performance; Secondary Schools [1]