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      l " Vitex doniana l " Lamiaceae l " anti‑inflammatory l " 21‑hydroxyshidasterone l " 11‑hydroxy‑20‑deoxyshidasterone l " 2,3‑acetonide‑24‑hydroxyecdysone [1]
      lactation curve, dairy cattle, lactation function, test day milk yield [1]
      Lake Naivasha Pesticides Horticultural farming Water Sediment [1]
      Lake Victoria basin, land use, land degradation, chemical properties [1]
      Lake Victoria, Research, Fisheries, Eutrophication, Extinction [1]
      Lakeflies, entomophagy, indigenous knowledge, cultural values, Lake Victoria. [1]
      Lakes;biomanipulation;political;social;ecological;management;Kenya [1]
      Land cover, Land use practices, Public Primary schools, school land size, tree population [1]
      Land Cover Change, Socio-Economic Impact, Mara River Sub-Catchments, Kenya [2]
      Land Cover, Change Detection, Temperature, Rainfall, Sub-Catchments, Mara River, Kenya [2]
      Land degradationGully erosionSoil conservationCommunity-based organizationsCommunity-based natural resource managementMulti-scalar institutional collaboration [2]
      Land snails; Opeas lamoense; subulinidae; croplands; Trans Nzoia;Kenya. [1]
      Land tenure, communal landholding, community land trusts, property, informal settlement upgrading [1]
      Land tenure, Tenure security, Land use, Informality [1]
      land tenure, tenure security, land use, informality [1]
      Land tenure,tenure reguralazation,tenure security,propety rights,informal settltments. [1]
      Land use change;Agriculture;Tillage;Livestock grazing;Soil structure;Soil nutrients [1]
      Land use development, unplanned suburbs, and land use planning, Kisumu. [1]
      Language vitality [1]
      Language, Multilingualism, Bilingualism, Diglossia, Triglossia [1]