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The Causes of Early Pregnancy on Academic achievement of Primary School Girls in Migori County

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dc.description.abstract The Kenyan Educational system has failed to ingrain key values of morality and democracy because it focuses on academic achievement as an end in itself. Children, who enter the school system at the primary level, do not complete the cycle. Pupils drop out at various stages of the education system, especially in Standards 6, 7 and 8. A study conducted in Kenya found that girls with poor school performance were significantly more likely than the best students to become pregnant. Male teachers and some female teachers have been identified as the main culprits in perpetrating sexual harassment. The situation is grave and worsening, a trend which contradicts the national goal of promoting literacy and fighting against ignorance. The general objective of this study was to establish the effect of early pregnancy on academic achievement of Primary schools girls. This study was guided by the following specific objectives; Establishing factors leading to early pregnancy of girls in Primary Schools in Migori County, determining the extent to which parental control influence girls' academic achievement in primary education after early pregnancy and Examining how cultural factors relating to pregnancy influence girls' academic achievement at Primary education. The researcher employed descriptive design while adopting Social learning theory to guide the study. The study population consisted of 1560 students, 41 head teachers and 41 class teachers. The study adapted stratified random sampling technique to draw a sample of 238 respondents from the study population; In systematic sampling procedure, every Klh case of the population was selected for inclusion in the sample. Data collection was from two main sources; Secondary and Primary. Secondary sources included relevant documents and reports. Primary data was gathered using Interview Guides and Questionnaires. Descriptive Statistical procedures were applied to the data to express concepts and relationships. The study's major conclusion was that there was need to create favorable learning environment fostered by mentors to the young girls in order for them to complete and improve there academic achievement. The study's major recommendation was there was need to develop referral systems that were accessible and responsive to violations of girls' rights including sexual abuse and exploitation, child marriage and child labor. The study's further recommendation was that there is need to introduce and evaluate the cash transfer programme as a type of social protection program targeting families in order to prevent girls' school dropout and early pregnancy amongst financially disadvantaged communities. en_US
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dc.title The Causes of Early Pregnancy on Academic achievement of Primary School Girls in Migori County en_US

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