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      : Amorphous thin film, Film thickness, Ga-Se alloy, Optical property [1]
      : Jaynes-Cummings, anti-Jaynes-Cummings, Rabi oscillations, entanglement, entanglement swapping, teleportation, maximal teleportation fidelity [1]
      : Kenya Police, Community Participation, Security, Collaborative efforts. [1]
      : Regular Cauchy, Singular Cauchy, Similarity Transformation, Degenerate, General Analytical Solution [1]
      absorption cross-section, Cooper pair minimum and Baker–Hausdorf expansion [1]
      Access, Persons with Disabilities, Transportation, Challenges [1]
      acoustic wave equation, wave propagation, cylindrical domain, triangular elements, Galerkin method, numerical solution, exact solution, discontinuous Galerkin method [1]
      Acoustic wave, Finite difference approximation, Signal function, Crank Nicolson, Vonn Newman, Matrix stability analysis. [1]
      African literature, Kiswahili, literary models [1]
      Air-saturated poroelasticStratified layersTransfer matrix methodAcoustic waveguideOpen-cell plastic foamsLow-frequency characterization [1]
      aluminium; alloys; Al–Mg–Si; mechanical properties; Si/Mg ratio; aerospace; automotive materials; density functional theory [1]
      Amorphous Chalcogenide, Alloy, Film Thickness, and Optical Property [1]
      Amorphous Chalcogenide, Alloy, Film Thickness, and Optical Property. [1]
      Anharmonic Potential, Bose-Fermi Mixture, Perturbed Hamiltonian, Unperturbed Hamiltonian, Strong Interaction [1]
      Anti-Jaynes-Cummings, Jaynes-Cummings, Hadamard, Controlled-NO [1]
      anti-Jaynes-Cummings, Jaynes-Cummings, Hadamard, controlled-NOT [1]
      Appell’s hypergeometric function, Riemann function, singular Cauchy problem. [1]
      bio-briquetting, climate action, sustainable development, poverty alleviation, grassroots [1]
      Biomass Energy Renewable Energy Technology Household Energy Solar Water Heater Rural Electrification [1]
      Buoyancy driven ow, Inclined plate, MHD, shooting tech- nique, Runge-Kutta method, heat and mass transfer, viscous dissipation [1]