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      Carbon Emission, Carbon Credits Formula, GHG, Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, Environment, Socio-economic Behaviour, Species Diversity and Plant Population [1]
      epidemiology, horizontal resistance, light bright, solarnum tuberosum [1]
      Floods, Food Crop Production, Climate Change Adaptation, Rivers, and Agriculture. [1]
      Food security, food availability, food access, food utilisation [1]
      Geographical area of residence; Nature of roads; Number of health facilities; Population density; Type of housing [1]
      Geographical segregation, Fertility. [1]
      Hydraulic Properties, Groundwater Management, Igneous Rocks, Pumping Test, Nairobi [1]
      Land tenure, Tenure security, Land use, Informality [1]
      Livestock Production; Household Food Security; Small-Scale Mixed Farmers; Semi-Arid Lands; Nyakach [1]
      Rainfall Duration; Maize; Beans; African Nightshade; Nyando [1]
      Resource-poor farmers, Household Food security, Semi-arid, Agro-ecological zone, Nyaka [1]
      Straight-line distance; Travel-time; Rural areas; Urban areas; Death of infants; Kakamega Central SubCounty [1]
      Streamflow, Baseflow, SWAT, GIS and ArcView [1]
      Terrestrial biodiversity, higher plants, higher animals, species diversity [1]
      Terrestrial Flora; Terrestrial Fauna; Conservation; Hunting and Gathering [1]
      Water availability, rainfed irrigation, food crop production, livelihood, basic needs. [1]
      water, [1]
      Water-user preference; Availability of water; Households; Informal settlements; Obunga informal settlement; Frequency of water supply; Quantity of water suppl [1]