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      Objectives, actual programme delivery, HIV and AIDS, behaviour change [1]
      Objectives, valuing methods and learner identification, acquisition of moral values [1]
      Obstacle Detection, Driver Profiling, Ultrasound, Ultrasonic Sensors, Bayesian Network, 2TBN, Sensor Fusion, Driver Assistance [1]
      Occupational factors, demand for higher education [1]
      Occupational safety and health management plan; Practice of universal precautions; Morgue/Mortuary safety; Workers safety; Public health facilities [1]
      Occupationalhazards,propagatedinfectious risks,Primary prevention,publichealthsurveillance, unclaimedcorpses, Embalmment, arterial fluid, health education health promotion [1]
      Ocimum kilimandscharicum, Lamiaceae, Contact toxicity, Anti-feedant activity, Acclimatized [1]
      OCPs; 1,2,4-TCB; Persistence; Microbia;l degradation; HRGC-HRMS PRC [1]
      Ocular Long Retentive, Posaconazole, Ophthalmic Suspension [1]
      odds ratio, logistic regression, Log likelihood [1]
      On atomic state purity operator, degree of state purity and concurrence in the JC and anti-JC models [1]
      On-the-job training and development (OJT) [1]
      One-parameter operator group Spectrum Resolvent Compact operator [1]
      one-parameter semigroup; composition operator semigroups; strong continuity; infinitesimal generator; spectra [1]
      One-parameter semigroupSimilar semigroupsSpectrumResolventGenerator [1]
      Online examinations, lecturer’s perspectives, Proctoring software [1]
      ontribution, School Administrators, Physical Facilities, Enhancement, Students‟ academic performance, Secondary Schools, Kenya, Emuhaya and Vihiga Sub – Counties. [1]
      open position transitional leadership (OPTL, slot-filling transitional leadership (SFTL), intentional transitional leadership (ITL) and or strategic transitional leadership (STL) in the effectiveness of County Government of Vihiga Kenya [1]
      open source ERP, adoption-use, learning and growth, internal process, customer finance, deposit-taking SACCOs. [2]
      Open Source ERP, Technology, Organisation, Environment, Attitude, Normative Structure and Perceived Behaviour Control, Adoption, Use, Deposit-Taking Saccos. [1]